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Dec 23, 2019

Since, “Rom-Coms R Dead,” we’ve been looking for a reason to have romance novelist and journalism professor, the lovely Sara Netzley, back for an episode.  We are very happy to have her back to discuss the 1997 quirky Rom-Com, “Grosse Point Bla

This film is loaded with talent, and is a very non-traditional Rom-Com.  There are assassins and action in it, there are genuine good reasons why Debi doesn’t want Martin back, and there are some wonderfully quirky and cutting lines to quote throughout the film.  

Surprisingly, this is not a complete love-fest for our panel, and it's not all Sean's fault this time.  There are characters we don’t like, we question the ending, and the only things we agree on are Minnie Driver and the awesomeness of the soundtrack.  Our scores for the film are mostly all over the board, and there is spirited discussion throughout about our differences.  

If you’re an OG fan of Moving the Needle, you may remember this movie has come up a lot our first few years.  We finally found the missing ingredient to make this a full episode of memorable discussion.  We hope you enjoy this episode!