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Jun 29, 2020

This week, with the help of our “Journalism professor by day, TV reviewer by night” doctor friend, @saranetzley, we double-dip two of Mike Myers’ dual-role films.  First is the well-known and quoted British spy spoof.  The other is a cult classic that should be equally well-known and quoted, but somehow slipped through the cracks during its 1993 release. 

For at least two films and a great opening to the third, the Austin Powers films have delighted millions, been quoted often, and was a very popular Halloween costume in the late 90s.  So I Married an Axe Murderer is the Jan Brady of Mike Myers films.  Sandwiched between Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, SIManAM is the story of a beat poet who is terrified of marriage who might be dating Mrs. X – the lady who marries and kills her husbands.  You can argue that Jan eventually turned out to be the biggest catch of the three.  Will our panel agree SIManAM comes to the same conclusion?

This episode is the bucket list cross-off for Roy, as he is a proud Mike Myers stan.  Choosing between the two is truly a Sophie’s choice for him.  What will the rest say?  Will Henno, Sean, or Stef be the one who hates both?  We hope you not only check out this fun episode but decide to give us a five-star review as a result.

Next episode: A yet-unnamed Earworms Part Two with @epic_lish and @kmaemaier