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Jul 27, 2020

Almost Famous turns 20 this year, and Roy is very excited.  He is a shameless Cameron Crowe fan.  We welcome two new guests to Moving the Needle 2.0: Dan, who is a film blogger and musician who joined us for the Mad Max episode in May 2015.  He was also a co-host on his former Criterion-focused film podcast, Focus on Film.  Amy, a rock & roll insider, is both a chronic illness and entertainment blogger.  She joined Roy as a guest even further back in Roy and Sean’s earlier podcast, Synesthesia.  They were great guests separately, but they are exponentially better together!

Almost Famous is a fictionalized account of writer/director Cameron Crowe’s experiences writing about the Allman Brothers Band.  William Miller is a 15 year-old high school graduate who leaves a dysfunctional home to an even worse situation, near total access to an up-and-coming rock and roll band.  His challenges for the movie are breaking through to his harshest critics: his mother and guitarist Russell Hammond and affecting positive change in both situations.  

Sean and Roy open the show and introduce the movie, but they happily become shaded like the t-shirt after.  We interweave discussions about the movie with Henno’s, Dan’s, and Amy’s stories about famous musicians they know and life on the road.  They discuss band rifts as well.  Roy was never much of a concert guy, but he tells a story about the last concert he may ever go to. Join us for some really cool road stories and split opinions about the quality of the movie.  We thank you for listening!

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